Dance Tips – Video : Cardio Dance Exercise – Hip Hop Dance


Cardio Dance Exercise – Hip Hop Dance



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If you want to avoid boredom in your workout and have some real fun at Extreme Fitness, it’s time to shake your body and burn calories with our Cardio Dance Party group fitness class. You now can dance your way to fitness using a variety of moves from various styles including Latin, Jazz, Middle Eastern, African, Hip Hop and more.

Cardio Dance Party is a dance-inspired group fitness workout. This group fitness class is very popular among women. Whether your musical preferences are Latin, hip-hop or modern, this is undoubtedly a program for you. Cardio dance routines are as effective as any for toning and firming the body. They also improve your cardio vascular activity as the movements along with heart pumping rhythms will raise your heart rate. This workout targets both specific muscle groups as well as being a total-body workout.

Come join in our Cardio Dance Party… it’ll make you feel good all over.