Dance Tips – Video : Get Aerobic Exercise Without Having to Hit the Gym!


Get Aerobic Exercise Without Having to Hit the Gym!



Wellness Educator and Registered Nurse Adrienne Jaworski from The Villages Health, discusses how endurance and aerobic exercises increase our breathing and heart rate. This is just one of many videos that offers health and wellness tips at

Jaworski advises that endurance and aerobic exercises help our circulatory systems and assist us in conducting daily activities. We don’t have to go to a class, we can take a brisk walk around the neighborhood, moving our arms up and back.

She reminds us that our heart is a muscle and needs exercise to stay strong. She suggests endurance activities like brisk walking, yard work, gardening, dancing, and swimming. You can ride a stationary bike or bike around the neighborhood. Just be sure to be safe and wear helmets to prevent injuries. Climbing up and down stairs is a great aerobic exercise. Tennis, pickle ball, basketball. All these activities are here and they are all great to do for endurance.

If you haven’t been doing regular endurance exercise you will need to build up to 30 minutes. Because our bodies aren’t used to it and it’s going to want to quit, so build up slowly then keep moving the bar up, and up, and up. Thirty minutes a day, every day, is what the research says to do. Whatever you do, It’s advised that you do a moderate pace – that means you can exercise hard enough so you can talk to somebody, but not sing.

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