Dance Tips – Video : : *HELLO* by kesthebandofficial Zumba Choreography best zumba


: *HELLO* by kesthebandofficial Zumba Choreography best zumba




JAN 15/2019
All Smiles…All Together
I don’t know about you but there is something about soca that makes my heart smile ALWAYS! 
Music from Trinidad and Tobago gives me life. It gives me new meaning and it just brings me to a different space where I can be free to be me. This choreo was filmed with two of my favorite people whom I love and adore dearly: @michaelmarmitte@ricardomarmitte 
During lunch break at our 2019 ZES Meeting, we took a quick pause to share our smiles/joy/and love of dance with each of you. I’m so honored to share this with Michael and Ricardo. As you can see by our smiles- we are beyond excited to dance to this amazing song by Kes!
I hope you enjoy!
Happy Takeover Tuesday my loves!!
If you want the full choreo- please type “SMILES” in the comments below!
Love you Michael. Love you Ricardo. ❤️🖤❤️ Bringing this song to FEB 16/2019 I ❤️Zumba Master Class in Ashburn, VA
Choreo by @aprilsmiles
Song: *HELLO* by @kesthebandofficial