Dance Tips – Video : International Fitness फिटनेस personality creator of Bokwa Mr. Paul Mavi / dance fitness masterclass


International Fitness फिटनेस personality creator of Bokwa Mr. Paul Mavi / dance fitness masterclass



International Fitness फिटनेस personality and the creator of Bokwa Mr. Paul Mavi / dance fitness masterclass / Navi Mumbai
Direction & Editing : Nandkishor Kurne

Bliss Fitness presents
International Fitness Concert 2017

On 6th January 2017, MGM New Bombay Hospital, Vashi and Bliss Fitness in association with Bokwa Education Specialist Trainers Neha Monga and Dechhen Lama organized the biggest fitness concert of Navi Mumbai featuring International Fitness personality and the creator of Bokwa Mr. Paul Mavi.
The event started off with the Plank Challenge and was followed by a Bollywood dance fitness masterclass by Bliss Instructors and their clients, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the participants. Finally, Bokwa masterclass with Mr. Paul Mavi set the stage on fire with hundreds of people moving in sync to simple Bokwa steps on popular music, instantly falling in love with this group fitness programme.
Bokwa® is a new and completely different approach to group exercise that is rapidly spreading across the globe. Bokwa® is a fitness program with the foundation of simple steps and latest upbeat music. In Bokwa® there is NO CHOREOGRAPHY so both Instructors and Participants are free to move in the simplicity of the step. Created by Paul Mavi from South Africa, this fitness program is designed not only to increase the heart rate and burn calories, but also to create an uplifting atmosphere where people can connect and enjoy being happy in the moment.
In short, Bokwa® is everyday people doing simple steps to everyday music. What that means is that right from a 4-year-old kid to 70-year-old man, everyone can easily do it and have fun while getting fit.
The hosts, Bliss Fitness, is a professionally run Fitness Company since March 2013, having multiple branches across Navi Mumbai dedicated to the cause of Health and Fitness. They offer different international fitness programs like Bokwa®, Zumba®, Labooca®, Pilates, Piloxing®, Yoga, Cross Fit, Resistance and Weight Training, Flexibility and Endurance Training, Aerobics etc.
These programs focus not only on weight loss but also on building overall well-being to ensure a healthy body and a healthy Mind. Bliss Fitness aims to make their clients workout in the most fun way by including a lot of variety and latest fitness trends & workouts so that they look forward to their workout sessions. Bliss has centers running in different locations in Navi Mumbai including CBD Belapur, Kharghar and Kamothe with hundreds of happy and fit members.
Bliss Fitness considers it a privilege to invite Paul to Navi Mumbai so that everyone can experience the magic of Bokwa with the creator himself. They plan on hosting more of such international events for the people of Navi Mumbai in future.