Sport And Danse Vidéos : How to increase Self Confidence? : Motivational Speech in Hindi by Him-eesh Madaan


How to increase Self Confidence? : Motivational Speech in Hindi by Him-eesh Madaan



A power packed Motivational Speech in Hindi for building Self Confidence. This motivational Training Seminar will help to build and boost your self confidence. This Video hosts entertaining and inspiring motivational speech in Hindi by Motivational Speaker Himeesh Madaan.

The Aim of this hindi motivational speech is to help you in self confidence building. This Inspirational video will guide you on how to build self confidence by giving you self confidence tips, interesting examples, funny jokes, success training, motivational shayari etc. This Motivational Speech in Hindi is for students, corporates, professional, teachers, housewives etc.

Following is the transcript of motivational video for success about self confidence in Hindi:
Why Self Confidence is important?
You will always take advice from confident friends. You do not listen to less confident teachers or speakers. For example, If you have to listen to a hindi speech, you will prefer listening to speakers like Sandeep Maheshwari, Santosh Nair, Rajesh Aggarwal, Navjot Sidhu etc. So Confidence helps you everywhere, in business, personal relations, professional relations.
Further in this hindi motivational speech, I have given seven points on how to improve self confidence in hindi.
First point is about positive thinking, if you want to be self confident , then you need to give up negative thinking and ensure that your thoughts are positive. You need to have a positive attitude and optimistic approach in life. You can check out my positive thinking videos on youtube to adapt positive attitude by searching Himesh Madan. You can also watch videos of TS Madaan, Simerjeet Singh and Shiv Khera for building positive attitude. Second point in this motivational speech for students and professionals is — Know Yourself. When we know our self, we are able to love ourselves. I stand infront of mirror and take my name « I Love you Himesh Madaan », you should also do same. To stay confident in life, we should try to know ourselves. Third point of this inspirational speech in hindi is that we should belief ourselves. Fourth point in this life changing seminar is — Take Action. Any idea will remain idea if action has not been taken. Imagine if APJ Abdul Kalam never taken an action. If Bill Gates or Steve Jobs had never taken an action. Success does not come without action. You need to ensure that you take regular and consistent actin towards your goals and aim in life. Do not wait for perfect conditions, start habit of being perfect.
Fifth point in this Motivational Documentary is to — Fight your Fears
Preparation is very important for self confidence, if we are not prepared, we will be afraid and when we are afraid, we loose our confidence and become nervous. So if you want to boost self confidence, then you need to prepare and practice. Every great singer has daily practice behind his singing, every player has endless practice behind his performance. Every successful student has huge amount of preparation behind his success.
Further in this motivational speech in hindi about confidence building techniques, I have mentioned sixth point as — Know and Accept your weaknesses. We all have weaknesses, we need to know them, accept them and take action on them. If we keep thinking about our weakness and do not take any step, we will loose our self confidence. If Sachin Tendulkar had thought he is short in height, he would not have been god of cricket. If Amitabh Bachchan had thought that his voice is not fit for movies, he would never had been king of Bollywood. Both are great examples of confident personalities. I have given explained one of the success story in Hindi in this video.
Last point in this success motivational video is — Confident Body Language.
We can change our attitude by changing our body language and body actions. You can practice confident body language and gradually it will become a part of your attitude and personality. You should try to observe and watch confident personalities and celebrities and learn confident body language from them. I will give you few tips on confident body language . Handshake — Confident people always greet warmly with openness like Barack Obama. Eye Contact — Proper eye contact shows that you possess confidence in you like Narendra Modi, Chetan Bhagat. Smile — A warm smile from heart shows an amount of self confidence in your personality, MS Dhoni and Sandeep Maheswari are examples for same. Also, have a habit of sitting in front rows, like Santosh Nair has this great quality.
I always try to help you with best motivational speech in my capability. I am with you in your journey of success, I will keep posting hindi audio books and motivational videos for success in hindi. You can subscribe to my channel to stay connected with my motivational speech, seminar and training programs.

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