Workout Tips – Video : 4am Gym Workout Routine (A Vlog about waking up at 3am)


4am Gym Workout Routine (A Vlog about waking up at 3am)



Skip to 21:30 for the beginning of the workout.
Everything before is just a Vlog
I have the workouts listed below in the description:

A lot of my friends ask me how I even manage to wake up for the gym at 4am. I actually wake up at 3:20am and my gym opens at 4am. This is a short Vlog accompanied with my workouts for Leg Day.

Workouts (Begins at 21:30 after stretching and warm up)

::Assisted Squats:: Begins @ 23:00
10 Reps – 3 Sets

::Inclined Leg Press + Weighted Plates Standing Calve Rasies::
Begins @ 26:03
70 Reps – 4 Sets (Calve Raise following up every 70 Reps)

::Barbell Deadlifts + Box jumps:: Begins @ 32:25
’10 Reps – 3 Sets (15 Box jumos following up every 10 Reps)

::Seated Leg Raises:: Begins @ 36:50
25 Reps – 3 Sets

::Standing Hip Abductions:: Begins @ 38:25
12 Reps – 2 Sets (Each side)

::Not exactly sure what this set of workouts are called
They’re a variation of cable leg raises and reverse donkey kicks:: Begins @ 40:00
First: 15 Reps – 1 Set (Each side)
Second: 15 Reps – 1 Set (Each side) This one varies from the first one
Third: 12 Reps – 1 Set (Each side) This is like a standing bicycle leg movement.

Video accidentally stopped recording but the workout would have eneded with 110 Reps – 1 Set of Single Leg Seated Leg Press (Alternating 10 Reps each leg back and forth till 110 Reps is reached)
and Standing Calve Raise (Machine) 50 Reps – 4 Sets
Leg workout finished.