Workout Tips – Video : Deaf Friendly Beachbody Workout Programs


Deaf Friendly Beachbody Workout Programs



Pearlene Utley is a Founding Coach of Team Proficio Peak with Beachbody, leading people to exercise to best selling workout programs like p90x, Turbofire, Insanity, T25, and many more. Pearlene is capable of helping you go though the programs with detailed step by step support giving you the best results you can get. Pearlene believes in adjusting your habits to live a healthy lifestyle instead of looking at workout programs as a temporary thing.

Pearlene experienced her greatest ever weight loss and healthy habits stayed after doing Turbofire program in 2010. If you need to buy a workout program, please contact or email for guidance with the current specials, free coaching in voice and/or in ASL.

Beachbody workout programs are subtitled for Deaf, late deafened, hard of hearing or a MUTE tv. Sometimes the volume on the TV doesnt work! 🙂

Hello, I wanted to explain why I really love
Beachbody workout programs.
The programs usually last three months of daily workouts. There are usually around 10-20 dvds with few workouts on each dvd. All of them are captioned. As a Deaf person, I really thrive on that feature. I used to go to the gyms, take classes, and I still go to those once a while. There would be instructors that do not speak in ASL. I would miss out so much things that makes a great impact on my workouts. Beachbody have been very good with meeting Deaf people’s needs so I really enjoy their support with the Deaf community s health with at home workouts. I, as a coach in the last 3 years, really like working out at home because then I get to influence my family and friends to develop a normalcy of daily workouts. With dvds, I get in a real workout anytime of the day. I enjoyed running and walking but with my bad knee, running cannot be done routinely. Walking cannot be done anytime of the day due to safety concerns. I even had dogs chase me twice. Pitbulls then another time it was a pair of Chihuahuas. I would get all scared when I walk but when I am with friends, I would feel at ease. Since I cant run and just walk ANYTIME of the day, the dvds have saved my health. The captioning is the number one reason!!! Other cool thing is that I can reuse the dvds as often and as long as I want. I do not have to spend so much on gym fees and not have anything to take home. Beachbody usually come out with new programs that keeps me motivated and challenged. Dvds can also be mixed and matched for fun workouts. Really amazing. I really appreciate the subtitles, the access to information is POWERFUL tool to access health!