Workout Tips – Video : Dilan Platts – WORKOUT PLAN RELEASED | Return to YouTube!


Dilan Platts – WORKOUT PLAN RELEASED | Return to YouTube!




After a long summer and busy start of the new school year, I’m finally settled in my new apartment and have school mostly under control. I am finally going to try to start posting more on the YouTube channel and will possibly even start a blogging channel that will be separate from my workout channel in the future. I have lots of new ideas for you guys and have lots of exiting things to come! Love you guys and stay tuned!

My workout plan is finally available in the link above! I have been working on constructing it and editing it for the last 4-5 months. I have put in my entire heart and soul into constructing this workout plan and designed it especially for skinny people that want to put on some muscle mass like I did. I even made sure to get this workout plan by MULTIPLE certified trainers to ensure that it works and is a quality plan. There are plenty of workout plans out there that are not very detailed and are very expensive. I’ve made my plan very cheap and poured TONS of detail into this workout plan. In fact, its 10 pages long!! I have also made it affordable for those who really want to make a change in their life. Make sure you get a copy of it and enjoy the journey!