Workout Tips – Video : Group Fitness Strength Training with the Flexline


Group Fitness Strength Training with the Flexline



On this episode of Pumped by Proathlos we’re at Drenched Fitness in Westlake Village, CA testing out Brandon Kennington’s new invention the Flexline.

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Flexline is a brand new piece of fitness equipment that is ideal for any group fitness class. One of the biggest problems with group fitness classes is getting the wrong weight for your workout. This leads to a class member walking to the weight rack half way through a class session and virtually missing the exercise. The Flexline solves this by allowing the users to adjust the system accordingly to a comfortable and achievable weight.

The pneumatic pistons run on compressed air. This allows for a small footprint without the need for weight plates or dumbbells. This is especially important for group training classes because it clears the path and gives more floor space for exercises.

The technology inside the Flexline makes it incomparable to its competitors. Bluetooth Smart Handles allow the user to adjust the weight mid-workout. The left & right handles have plus and minus buttons where the user can add more weight or take less weight off. This lets users efficiently do drop-sets without having to stop their workout. It also maximizes workout results by reducing the workout time and giving the user more time to execute multiple failure reps. The system can also be connected to the user’s iPhone to keep track of heart rate, watts, weight, and other performance metrics.

Brandon Kennington is a mechanical engineer with a few successful inventions under his belt. The Flexline spawned from a problem he noticed while in group fitness classes. As the owner of the Drenched Fitness in Westlake Village he created unqiue group fitness classes involving his Flexline product. With a massive positive response to the system, the Flexline will soon be available to the public. To learn more about the Flexline please visit their website: or contact them at