Workout Tips – Video : Incorporating Bodyweight Training


Incorporating Bodyweight Training



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Sorry this one is a little later than usual – I had a very busy week and underestimatead just how busy it would get!

This video is an overdue introduction to calisthenics. I cover why calisthenics are so valuable and important for functional strength. I also explain how to get started with them. Moreover though, I’m looking at how to incorporate bodyweight training into a larger program.

My favourite tip? Use mechanical drop sets. Drop from one tougher movement, to another easier movement to push past failure.

Of course I also discuss how to use bodyweight training progressions such as pseudo planche push up – tuck planche – straddle planche – planche in order to gain those bodyweight ‘skills’. I’m still learning myself, but it has done wonders for my strength, aesthetics, and athletic performance.

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