Workout Tips – Video : Intermediate Workout Routine! (FREE Download)


Intermediate Workout Routine! (FREE Download)



MT Intermediate Workout Routine (Free Download) at

I’ve been working on creating this Intermediate Program for a few weeks, reviewing, writing, and making sure everything is ready. Now, it’s finally complete and available for you guys!

Client results:


My motivation to create this workout and give it away for free was seeing just how many men struggle to progress with sub-optimal « bro split » workouts and other nonsense I see in commercial gyms.

And the reality is that, most guys are stuck and barely making any gains after they’ve gone through the « newbie gains » phase.

It’s time to end that.

The MT Intermediate Workout Program is a 29 page PDF that contains:
– A Full Workout Routine for intermediate lifters
– Videos to see proper technique for each movement in the routine
– Warm-up Guide
– The science behind the optimal rest between sets, exercise tempo, changing movements, training equipment and more!
– Progression schemes to ensure progressive overload
– Mindset tips to help you with being consistent with training
– Workout Sheet to help you track your weights and progress

and links to some of the best evidence-based fitness resources out there!

Go to and grab all for that for free.

Enjoy training and happy gains!

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