Workout Tips – Video : Leg day from death Vlog!!! How I grow my butt out in the gym!


Leg day from death Vlog!!! How I grow my butt out in the gym!



What’s up Cookie Monsters!!!!

I have returned to some of my old style ways of training where I hit primarily booty and legs are the same time with medium to heavy weights focusing on slow contractions.

Let me tell you lol you will see results BUT YOU WILL WANT TO CRY!!!!! Hhahaha!

If you like and enjoy this workout regimen you can join in on challenges on my website where through a course of a specific time you will be walked through and guided on how to train and lift to effectively grow a butt …. they don’t call me the booty doctor for nothing 😉

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The workout breakdown (for shown workouts):

Warm up:
Jumping squats with band
Light weight good mornings
Light weight squats


Closed leg squats
Shoulder width squats
Wide squats

One leg elevated squats
Kettle swings
Side lunges

Resistance band side squats
Leg press

Bridge hold
Bridge dips
Bridge butterflies

3 pulse bridge dip on leg extension machine

I really hope you guys enjoy me taking you into my happy place and seeing me really putting in that work. Sweaty, wanting to cry but pushing through and showing you how powerful your mind truly is!!

You can’t go from 98lbs to 130 lbs through utilizing the gym paired with your nutrition then want to give up!! Your body goals are possible!!! You just have to believe it and have to be dedicated and have to put in that WORK!