Exercice du sport en Vidéos : How to Test Your Cycling Base Fitness (50 Minute Indoor Workout)


How to Test Your Cycling Base Fitness (50 Minute Indoor Workout)



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This is a 50 minute indoor cycling training workout not only provides a good workout but also enables you to test your base fitness. A very important test for cycling training commonly referred to as Cardio Drift.

In this session, we are working within our Zone two, the endurance zone. Ideally, you have an indoor trainer. I am using a Wahoo Kickr for this session but something like a Tacx Neo, Tacx Flux, or the CycleOps Hammer works just as well.

You also want a heart rate monitor to gauge the increase in your heart rate across the duration of the workout.

Riding in your zone two, (or top end zone one if you’re a beginner); at the 15 minute mark, assess your heart rate. Then do the same at the 50 minute mark? What is the increase?

I will explain different scenarios and what cycling workouts and training tips you can do to either improve your base fitness or start implementing effort training.

Feedback from Jonathan:

Oh wow. The training zone lesson was outstanding. That course really teaches you how to not just train harder but to train smarter. Training harder could be attributed to many people hitting the wall and not seeing much progress when it comes to power and performance gains. Not seeing a little progress while training hard can be frustrating.
I am going to take some time and really invest myself in training in the zones. I’ll also be investing in a good power meter which I have been putting off until now.
Videos look great and there is so much information, I found myself watching it several times.