Exercice du sport en Vidéos : Lose 50 Pounds Fast in 5 months – Ski-Step HIIT Workout #1


Lose 50 Pounds Fast in 5 months – Ski-Step HIIT Workout #1



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How fast can you lose 50 pounds doing ski steps? Generally no matter how overweight you are it will take you at least 3 months (or 2-3 months if you’re extremely overweight like the biggest loser.

The only thing I want to make clear about losing 50 pounds on this ski step workout is that common sense should tell you that if you’re not 50 pounds overweight then don’t expect to lose 50 pounds!

Believe it or not some people (maybe you) think that if you weigh 120 pounds and are a 5 foot seven female that this will make you ultra-skinny. That is not the case.

For those of you with common sense and who are truly overweight then to lose 50 pounds with this ski step workout then you must do this workout 1-to-6 times per day if you are only going to do it for 10 minutes at a time but if you’re more advanced and you decide to do it longer than 10 minutes at a time for faster results then only do this workout 3-to-4 days per week, 1-to-2 times per day for 20-to-40 minutes.

Important: go all out as fast as possible during the 10 seconds when I say go and you can completely rest during the 10 second break or you can keep moving for a more advanced fat loss workout.

This harder ski step workout is available for you to do if this 10 minute 10/10 interval workout gets too easy for you to do.

If you don’t like ski steps or are not coordinated enough to do them then you can simply do any of my jumping jack workouts: or you can do this same 10/10 style interval workout on your treadmill ( bike ( ) or elliptical ( ).

Expect to lose your first 20 pounds very fast (this happens with any weight loss plan and/or diet) and the last 10 is what will take the longest in your journey to lose 50 or more pounds.

It should go without saying but all the weight loss magic is not in this ski step workout alone so make sure you use a diet like mine here: or one of your own but whatever diet you use make sure you keep track of how much or how many calories you are eating because weight loss at the end comes down to energy in and energy out.

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