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MALAYALAM: Best TRX Training Routine & TRX Exercises List



Learn how to do TRX lower body exercises and workout your abs, gluts and hips. The trx body building exercises are extremely effective in working your core and stabilizing your muscles.

TRX Squats

Begin the trx workout routine by keeping your feet and shoulder apart. Your focus should be at the anchor point.

You are working on your quadriceps and glutes. Make sure you focus on the anchor point. Go 90 degrees down.

Your gluts contract and quadriceps stretch during these trx band workouts.

Single leg squats

Keep your leg in the middle of the anchor point. One leg straight forward. Go all the down to 90 degrees.

Hold the raisins tight, brace your core and go all the way down. In TRX squats, you not just work your quadriceps and glutes, but also your balance.

Switch legs and repeat.

Side Squats – trx training workouts

Brace your back to do your side squats. Keep your legs wide apart.

Maintain 90 degree angle while you bend. Move towards your opposite side into a 90 degree squat.

You are working your adductors, gluts as well as your quadriceps.

Single leg balance lunges – trx core workout

Come away from the anchor point.

Put your left leg in and make sure you stand straight to the anchor point. This is going to be your starting position.
Cross your arm. Go down to a 90 degree lunge. Come forward and bring the knee forward.

You are working on your quadriceps and your balance. Your core and gluts are engaged as you do the single leg balance lunges.


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