Dance Tips – Video : Bosu Ball Workout: 3 Cardio Conditioning Exercises


    Bosu Ball Workout: 3 Cardio Conditioning Exercises



    Personal trainer Kai Wheeler teaches you 3 exercises utilizing the bosu ball. The bosu ball is a great piece of equipment because it promotes core stabilization and neutral spine posture; key components of functional training. The half dome ball can be used on either side, offering varied levels of difficulty. The nature of the bosu ball requires balance, or the ability to maintain stable body positioning despite an external stimulus. To achieve balance, the joints, muscles and neurological systems integrate to function harmoniously. Along with balance, we have proprioception, our body’s sense of joint stability and awareness of body positioning. Proprioception is also challenged as we attempt to stand on the surface. Lastly, the bosu ball promotes gradation of force; ability to maintain muscular force throughout dynamic movement without compromising body positioning.

    Bosu lateral agility drill
    Bosu jumps
    Bosu Burpee

    This full body conditioning workout will improve balance, train agility, strengthen the core, tone the butt and legs and burn fat.