Dance Tips – Video : Homemade Salsa With Fresh Tomatoes And Cilantro


    Homemade Salsa With Fresh Tomatoes And Cilantro



    Homemade Salsa With Fresh Tomatoes and Cilantro Recipe
    Make this super simple and easy homemade salsa recipe with few ingredients that are healthy and takes no time to make!

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    My family devours this salsa with fresh tomatoes whenever I make this.

    Now, the reason I love to make my own homemade salsa is that, not only do I love the taste and it’s low in calories, but I know what’s going into it. AND did you know…that a lot of store bought salsas can contain added sugar?

    Be sure to read the labels when you go to buy salsa or you can make this and it takes under 10 minutes to make.

    Homemade Salsa With Fresh Tomatoes Recipe | Pico De Gallo Salsa Recipe
    Serving size 4
    FreshTomatoes x 4 = 88 Calories
    Onion ½ purple = 24 Calories
    Cilantro ½ cup – 2 Calories
    Lime -½ 10 Calories
    Jalapeño – ½ – 2 calories

    126 calories for the entire bowl!!
    /4 32 calories for each serving.

    Cost comparison – jar of salsa at store = 3.48-5.00
    Homemade -$1.55

    If you can make it a little bit ahead of time then the flavors will get even better. Keep it chilled for an hour if you can and then enjoy it. It’s awesome. So enjoy!
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