Dance Tips – Video : The Importance of Balanced Exercise – Episode 1019


    The Importance of Balanced Exercise – Episode 1019



    : Episode 1019 – Join Anna and Vinnie while Anna planks and the two discuss types of body fat, silly heart health studies, balanced exercise, and more!

    PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Pure Vitamin Club Pure Coffee Club Villa Cappelli Thrive Market PLANKING You can plank on your elbows or on your forearms Plank with Anna right now! Try to plank every day for as long as you can Build yourself up On the FB group (Vinnie Tortorich’s No Sugar No Grains), a woman is hosting a daily plank challenge Holding yourself accountable Don’t plank with socks on Anna planked at 1 min 45 seconds on this show! BALANCED EXERCISE If Vinnie has to advise someone on what type of exercise they should do, he recommends both aerobic and anaerobic Weightlifting is JUST as important as cardio Gotta make your muscles and bones stronger Zone 2 training is great when you’re training for really anything Important aerobic training HIIT is not necessary  Pilates is strength training, but you have to get to that point Your heart rate won’t go up very much, though Yes, exercise can and will make your heart stronger!