Exercice du sport en Vidéos : Bar Brothers – Full Body Workout Routine With Calisthenics


    Bar Brothers – Full Body Workout Routine With Calisthenics



    Hello everyone! This video is a complete tutorial of the Full Body Workout Routine Part 2 for those who have mastered the basic workout routine exercises and are now prepared to move to the intermediate level. But before that I want to tell you some basics requirements for doing workouts. At first, you need to be highly motivated at all times. Your motivation should be sky high for doing just anything in life. Never consider yourself unable to do anything in life. You are capable to reach any height in life. When you are positive and motivated, all the challenges and tough conditions automatically become friendly to you. Talking about the intermediate level, you will get to know intermediate level techniques to enhance your chest routine, triceps/shoulders routine, back and biceps routine, legs routine and core/abs routine through calisthenics. Here we go! Do a proper warm up and start. Chest routine includes 3 sets each of 6-12 repetitions of straight bar dips, 6-12 of explosive dips, 5-8 of back clap pushups, 4-6 archer pushups, 6-8 of crucifix pushups followed by max out with wide pushups, wide hold and maximum pushups. Triceps/Shoulder routine consists of 3 sets each of max frog stand to handstand (free or wall assisted standing as per your comfort), 4-6 X-triceps extensions, 6-10 tiger bend pushups and maximum diamond pushups. The back and biceps routine includes 2 sets of max one arm holds each arm, 3 sets each of 3 muscle up variations, 8-15 regular pull ups, 4-6 typewriter pull ups, 6-12 behind the head pull ups, 8-15 wide pull ups, maximum wide grip pull ups and maximum grip switches. At last, you should do the core workout which includes 3 sets each of 3-6 dragonflies, 8-12 laying windshield wipers, maximum hanging knee raises, max partner leg raises, max heel touches, max side plank max crunches and at last 3 sets each of 5-10 headstand leg raises and lower back extension max holds. With this routine, you can feel the maximum positive changes in your standards as well as your confidence.

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