Sport And Danse Vidéos : Anaerobic vs Aerobic Exercise: BPM and Heart Rate


    Anaerobic vs Aerobic Exercise: BPM and Heart Rate



    Two experiments performed to compare the BPM (breaths per minute) and Heart Rate respectively for anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Two-sample t-test and normality of data checks performed in JMP Pro 10. The information in this video was taken from a study done for my undergraduate Biometry course back in 2014, it is not a conclusive study nor should it be used as any sort of medical advice, it is a report on the finding of my experiments and data may not necessarily be accurate for a real life application (that is not to say that it isn’t) and should be taken with a grain of salt. A book which may be helpful in understanding the Two-Sample t-test is « Statistics for the Life Sciences (4th Edition) » by Myra L. Samuels. Slides were designed in Google Slides ( My formal write-up of the experiment can be found here:

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