Sport And Danse Vidéos : Fun Easy Cardio Workout | iKON | toning workout


    Fun Easy Cardio Workout | iKON | toning workout



    Hi^^ I’m back with another easy cardio workout & this one is great for beginners! Fun and simple moves that will make you super sweaty. Grab a bottle of fresh water and lets gooo ~

    * the amount of calories you burn during this workout depends on your age, weight and the intensity at which you workout at (the heavier you are, the more you will burn and the harder you work, the higher the calorie burn will be). A person weighing 130lbs (60kg) would on average burn between 150-200 cal with this workout depending on how hard they push themselves, while a person weighing 190lbs (85kg) would burn between 200-280 cal. These numbers are not exact and are only meant as a guideline.

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    Songs used: Bling Bling, Dumb and Dumber, What You Doing, Rhythm Ta and Love Scenario by iKON.

    The person in the video is NOT me! The clips I used to provide as a visual aid belong to Hana Giang Anh. I used short parts of the original video to provide accurate demonstrations for those who like working out to kpop. I take no credit for the original clips, only the editing of my video. My videos are not monetised and are for educational purposes only.