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    Timbuk Fitness – African Dance Fitness for a Rocking Body



    Timbuk Fitness is America’s Hottest African Dance Fitness program. World renowned dancer Diadie Bathily has been teaching this new powerful dance all across America.powerful new African dance workout that celebrates the ancestral heritage and rich history of the people of Africa. The Timbuk™ workout is unique because each movement targets and engages all of your muscles through music that is powerful and strong. Timbuk™ is best done in a group environment, among a community that is social, engaging, and fun!

    At each class you will hear our original music recorded by live African drummers. Don’t have time to go to the gym? Join the movement right in your own home. We have in home videos and an online community of support to encourage your progress.

    Work out to celebrate life, to feel good about yourself, and to have a really fun time. Join your friends and join us; Timbuk™ will help YOU feel good in your bodyogram. Timbuk Fitness