Workout Tips – Video : Intense Boxing Fitness Training & Core Workouts


    Intense Boxing Fitness Training & Core Workouts



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    With Week 1 of the ’16 Week Boxing Beginners Training Program’ coming to a close lets take a look back at the first session on Tuesday for the Red Team. We wasted no time in getting straight to work – I put them to the test. I was pleased to see everyone was able to follow instructions and put in an all out effort.

    This video is the last half of the session after I spent spent much time teaching boxing technique. We had already covered boxing stance, boxing footwork and movement drills, how to step into a punch, how to throw a basic 1232 combination, how to punch a boxing bag and more.

    That’s why Boxing 101 New Zealand​ will grow to become a top teaching program for beginners in New Zealand. It’s the combination of the extensive learning, the fitness training, the gym exercise techniques and of course the fight experience to apply everything that was learnt.

    I will be documenting a lot of the learning on YouTube and on in the blog section. To share the program and knowledge.

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