Workout Tips – Video : Personal Training Consultation


    Personal Training Consultation



    In this video Luke goes through the Personal Training Consultation that we teach on the Shredded By Science Academy

    In the usual style of comedy and knowledge, Luke teams up with Jonny Pease ( the YouTube 2000 subscriber giveaway winner)

    Jonny’s channel is below

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    The Personal Trainer consultation is an underrated thing and with our 4 phase process, it ensures you give the best experience for your potential client and gives you the best chance to get them as a personal training client.

    Phase 1: Pre-Consult
    1.1 Initial chat
    1.2 Scheduling the consult

    Phase 2: The Consultation
    2.1 The Initial meet
    2.2 The Chat
    2.3 Bringing up pricing

    Phase 3: Screening
    3.1 Complete the forms
    3.2 Physical screening

    4: Post-consult
    4.1 Post consult activation
    4.2 Settling In

    These were taken from Coach Stuart Aitken’s module 1, unit 6 on the SBS Academy

    Instrumental produced by Chuki