Workout Tips – Video : The Personal Trainer of Superheroes | Duffy Gaver


    The Personal Trainer of Superheroes | Duffy Gaver



    Superheroes need a super trainer. Chris Hemsworth and Scar Johansson called on Duffy Gaver, no-nonsense bad@ss and former Navy SEAL. He turned them into Thor and the Black Widow.
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    Duffy Gaver has built some bad@ss celebrity bodies, including those of Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum. Only you’d never hear it from him. Despite being one of Hollywood’s elite trainers, Duffy attacks his job with a humble, down-to-earth, hard-as-nails, move-your-butts attitude.

    He doesn’t drop names; he makes you drop and give him 20. Followed by 20 more. And 20 more after that. And… you get the picture. In Duffy’s eyes, « All fitness is good fitness. »

    Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth just graduated from the School of Duffy with degrees in crushing faces, pulverizing villains, and avenging the planet. The ex-Navy SEAL spent time with to show us how he helped Hemsworth put on 25 pounds of Thor-muscle and turned Johansson into a lean, mean, bad-guy-busting machine.


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