Dance Tips – Video : Pimp My Filter #1 – Oase BioPlus Thermo 200


Pimp My Filter #1 – Oase BioPlus Thermo 200



Oase BioPlus Thermo 200:
Biohome products:
Dremmel 3000:
This series is all about trying to squeeze more efficiency out of internal and external aquarium filters which generally have a limited filtering capacity – If you have a filter you’d like me to feature in a video then please contact me on:
07772848730 (Richard)

Anyone who sends a filter will have it upgraded and returned to them for free and the only cost you will pay is how much it costs to ship it to me – I’m helping to boost your filter and the resulting videos will hopefully be useful to viewers all over the world so it’s a win/win.
*Please do not send any filters without contacting me first as I want to try and cover every type of filter, not 20 of the same make and model*

Oase video for Bioplus:

Due to the high international shipping cost I am currently only taking filters from the UK but I’m hoping that as this series progresses a useful database of knowledge will be built up which will help viewers understand how their filters work, the limitations and the steps you could take to improve filtering capacity and efficiency.

The goal with any filter is to try and achieve FULL CYCLE filtration which is the reduction in ammonia, nitrite AND nitrate – if you look anywhere online you’ll see people tell you that the nitrogen cycle in an aquarium ends with the production of nitrate which is removed by regular (often large) water changes.
That is HALF the cycle and is done by AEROBIC bacteria which favors highly oxygenated conditions and is very easy to grow on any surface.
The last part of the cycle (reduction in nitrate) is completed by ANAEROBIC bacteria which favors an environment which is very low or devoid of oxygen. It takes filter media with a very specific internal structure to support both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to allow for full cycle filtration but a suitably sized, well set up filter, will allow the full cycle to complete which results in more stable water conditions and less water changes (typically 10% every 1-2 weeks). Canister filters will generally offer the best provision for filter media but even internals can be significantly improved to boost water quality and fish health.

The following videos will be useful to anyone interested in learning more about filtration, bacteria and making the conditions for your fish as good as possible:
Sizing a canister properly and filter set up:
Looking INSIDE different filter media:
Bacteria and filter media:
How to clean an aquarium:
Aquarium tips / filtration playlist:

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This channel is purely a hobby for me so I will never ask viewers to donate money for any of my projects or charge anyone for information – information should be shared freely and I certainly don’t consider myself an ‘expert’ in anything I pursue as a hobby so please do your own research, never accept anything as ‘fact’, reject anyone claiming to be some sort of authority or ‘expert’ and make your own minds up about anything you wish to study.

We all are on a long path of learning………


Panasonic HC-VX870 HD camcorder
+Rode stereo microphone:
+Rode ‘deadcat’ mic cover:
JVC Everio quad proof HD camcorder:
+Rode ‘deadcat’ mic cover (opened up and held between tripod and camera base)
Zomei Z666 tripod:
Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI mini tripod:

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