Dance Tips – Video : Celebration Farruko, Akon, Maffio ft. Mani Marley Choreography / NatsO ZUMBA


    Celebration Farruko, Akon, Maffio ft. Mani Marley Choreography / NatsO ZUMBA



    Im here not to show, Im here to dance with YOU!! Let’s have fun!!! Thank you for checking my youtube channel, please please SUBSCRIBE 🙂 and share the link with your friends! New Song Choreographies are coming more so we can keep dancing together!

    Celebration / Farruko, Akon, Maffio, Mani Marley / NatsO ZUMBA 111

    ZUMBA Instructor (ZIN): Nats
    Main Students: 20’s ~ 80’s

    It’s fun and easy Zumba choreography to practice at home or for your Zumba class!
    Some choreographies were based on ZIN with few changes and some are truly my personal style.

    Hope you like it : ) If you can, please come join my Zumba Class!! OR you can do ZUMBA with me on youtube!!

    You can modify to make it simple if you just started to do ZUMBA, or if you want to dance in full form that would be awesome!

    We all know that we came from different backgrounds such as sizes, ages and dance fitness levels but when we are sharing this moment together, we are as one!

    We are all uniquely perfect individuals.
    As long as you are doing best and enjoying it, that’s all matter, let’s keep being fresh and healthy!

    Thank you for watching/dancing and if you like it please give me thumbs up and please subscribe!





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