Exercice du sport en Vidéos : Body Weight Workouts For Men: Advanced Muscle-Building Exercises You Can Do Anywhere


    Body Weight Workouts For Men: Advanced Muscle-Building Exercises You Can Do Anywhere



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    From the Hollywood Hills in California, Troy Adashun brings you an advanced body weight workout to build muscle, good enough for any Hollywood celebrity.

    You guys who think body weight exercises are for wimps, you’ve never tried these 5 body weight exercises. These are some of the hardest bodyweight exercises you can do, literally any place, and any time.

    We shot this video in the mountains of Southern California to demonstrate how to do these 5 advanced bodyweight exercises that you can do at your home, in your office, at the beach, or at the park. It really doesn’t matter.

    This is an advanced bodyweight workout for mass. If you can’t do all these exercises right away don’t worry about it, and just continue to make progress every week.

    0:36 – EXERCISE #1: Alternate 180 Degree Lunge Jump

    For this exercise, you’ll start off in standard lunge jump position with your feet staggered. You’re going to go all the way down, then explode off the ground, rotating your body 180 degrees facing the other way.

    This is a great bodyweight exercise for building mass, leg explosion, leg drive, and also working your hip flexors and abdominals.

    1:09 – EXERCISE #2: Leap Ups

    This is a great exercise for increasing your lower leg drive. (Think about what this will do for your performance when you do barbell squats in the gym.)

    To perform the leap up, you’ll get in the standard squat jump position with your feet shoulder width apart. You’re going to come down, then explode off the ground, and drive your knees up towards your chest.

    1:53 – EXERCISE #3: Abdominal Plank With Alternate Reach

    A lot of people have tried regular abdominal planks, but doing alternate-reach planks is an advanced movement that’s going to work your external obliques and as well as your rectus abdominis.

    Maintain the standard plank position, and reach out with your opposite arm and your opposite leg at the same time, pause for a second, then return. Then repeat this with the other sides.

    2:50 – EXERCISE #4: Single Leg Burpee

    You may have done regular burpees with both legs, but isolating one leg is a very advanced variation of the movement.

    Start off standing on one leg. Go down into mountain climber starting position, kick your leg back, do a push-up, kick your leg back forward to return to mountain climber starting position, and then explode off the ground.

    Try 15 of these on each leg for an amazing full-body exercise.

    3:34 – EXERCISE #5: Superman Pushups

    This is by far one of the hardest pushups you can do. To do the Superman Pushup you’ll begin by getting into the standard pushup position. When you push up, explode off the ground, putting your hands forward, and extending your legs out so your entire body comes off the ground.

    This position makes you look like superman, flying through the air, which is how the superman pushup gets its name.

    So there you have an advanced body weight workout for men. Try this at home, and see if you don’t become stronger and more muscular over the next few weeks.

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