Workout Tips – Video : 300 Workout


    300 Workout




    Here is the order for the 300 workout from Men’s Health Magazine.

    First you will start with 25 Pull-ups using your bodyweight and as few of sets as possible.

    Then you move directly into a Deadlift for 50 repetitions.

    After that, you’ll do 50 Push-ups.

    Once you’ve completed that exercise, then you’ll do 50 Box Jumps on a 24″ platform.

    Next, is 50 Floor Wipers. To perform this exercise, lie on your back while holding a barbell with arms extended. Next, bring your feet up to each side, making sure your feet touch down each time in the middle between sides. That counts as one repetition.

    After the Floor Wipers, you’ll do 25 repetitions of Kettlebell Clean Presses for each arm, making sure to touch the kettlebell to the floor in between each repetition.

    Then you finish with 25 more Pull-ups.

    And that’s the 300 workout, all 300 repetitions using 7 exercises.

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