Best Diet and Healthy Recipes – Video : Eating Healthy to Lose WEIGHT and Feel GREAT (A Perspective on Eating Healthy)


Eating Healthy to Lose WEIGHT and Feel GREAT (A Perspective on Eating Healthy)



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Everyone wants to look good and have a nice looking muscular body that has a low fat percentage and shredded six pack abs, but nobody wants to eat healthy to lose weight. If you want to know how to eat healthy and lose weight without having to constantly fight off the urge to eat junk food, it’s time you changed your perception about food and its role in your life.
You see, there are two types of perspectives you can look at food through. The first is instant gratification, which is enjoying the taste of the meal as well as the feeling of fullness you get after consuming the meal. This is usually accomplished by eating junk food that tastes instantly good and makes you full. The problem is, 30 minutes later, you start feeling low on energy, and you put on more fat and make it difficult for yourself to lose weight. So you get the instant gratification, but the aftermath is not pleasant, and is counter intuitive to building muscles and burning fat.
The second perception on food is looking at it as a source of energy and feeling good mentally and physically. You see, food has more effect on your mental state than you might think. Processed foods contain chemicals that mess around with your hormones and can cause chemical imbalances that contribute to depression, anxiety, mood swings, and feelings of inadequacy and low self-confidence. On top of all that, junk food makes you fat, whereas clean foods such as vegetables, fruits, meats that are not injected with hormones, and nuts will keep you looking slim, help you build muscles and look good, and they will keep your hormones on points.
If you are a man looking to maximize your testosterone levels, you should watch what you eat and keep your food healthy most of the time. If you are a woman and you want to have a nice ass and sexy body, you should also be eating healthy and feeling good about yourself. The effects of food on you go beyond just weight loss and muscle building.
I hope you enjoyed my video on how to eat healthy and lose weight and I hope that it gave you a perspective on healthy eating. Go and get yourself lettuce, spinach, lemons, olive oil, and make a delicious salad that will keep you smart, sharp, looking good, and functioning at your optimal levels to kick ass in life and be the most badass person you can be.