Workout Tips – Video : PSYCHIC GYM 101 Basics WEBINAR 022217


PSYCHIC GYM 101 Basics WEBINAR 022217



Through this webinar you will get the Basics (intention, framework and vocabulary) around Psychic Gym (TM), a psychic development program created by David Zarza, one of Seattle’s best Psychic Medium and Intuitive Life Coaches. It is a series of courses meant to unlock your natural psychic abilities while giving you the control to access them accurately and reliably. Beginning with Psychic Gym (TM) Fundamentals (course 1), followed by Unlimited (course 2), then Mastery (course 3), and culminating with Ascension (course4), participants receive rigorous training, focused coaching, constructive feedback and an enriching fellowship with other participants beyond the coursework. His teachings, tools, processes and meditations are anchored in the spiritual while still being practical and intellectually focused in nature. If you’re looking for confidence, control and proficiency, then Psychic Gym (TM) is for you. Please visit David’s website for more details because classes are beginning soon –